Bio: We are a mother/daughter team of curious rock and mineral students. We are learning to see with new eyes the rocks that are beneath our feet. Risa is 10, and Teresa is, well, the Mom. We believe in a literal account of Genesis in which God gives us an eye witness account of how he chose to create the world (rocks included). We also believe in the literal worldwide flood which came as an act of judgment to sinful man, and which catastrophically changed the geology of the entire world.

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. I was wondering if you would like me to make pictures of rocks and minerals for your blog. I use a bamboo tablet (it’s tablet that comes with a pen and I can make pictures on the computer) and I could make really pictures for your blog. The way I was think if you emailed a picture of a rock or mineral and than I could draw it. You can even go on google and look for your pictures and then send me it so I could draw it for you.

    -Noelle harris


    • Noelle, that is very sweet of you to offer to do that. I do love the pictures you create on your blog! But, I’d really like Risa to get some experience with drawing/photography/etc. first. Thanks though for your very sweet offer! – Mrs. Eschen


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