Explosions in the Periodic Table

The elements in the group that Lithium (my favorite element) is in are most alike each other than any other group.  Each of these elements easily react causing explosions.  They also all have one electron on the outer-most electron ring.  Water is very slightly acidic, but when you put any from this group in the water the water is alkalized and an explosion follows shortly after.  The explosion gets stronger as you get down the group: Li, Na, K, Rb, Cs, and the strongest of all Fr.   Mute the sound on your computer and watch this video to see examples of the explosions.  None of these elements are found in nature by themselves, but they are found in compounds.  All alkali metals are lightweight and soft so they can be cut with a knife.

Sadly, I don’t know very much about the alkali metals, but I hope this helped you know more.  In my next blog post I will be writing about Lithium.


2 thoughts on “Explosions in the Periodic Table

  1. Hi Risa,
    I used to play with sodium when I was a kid. It is a very soft metal and will explode when thrown into water, which is exactly what we used to do with it! Fun, uh? Isn’t it interesting that when God combines sodium and another dangerous element, chlorine, we get a very useful and necessary mineral – halite or rock salt. Keep up the fine work!

    Tell your folks I am giving a yellowstone field trip in June – TO 30 FAMILIES! I also have one of my hips replaced in March. Fun, eh?


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