What is Hydrogen?

I have been studying the element Hydrogen.  Hydrogen is the most common Element in the universe.  It powers stars, and is very flammable.  Hydrogen is the lightest Element, and is the only Element that has its own group (meaning Hydrogen does not have another Element that shares many similarities).  Hydrogen has the atomic weight of 1.0079,and the atomic number of 1. Hydrogen is colorless, a gas, and is nonmetallic, and was discovered is 1766.  I will explain more about atoms and groups in another blog post.  Have you ever seen this combination of letters and numbers: H2O?  Well H is the abbreviation for Hydrogen, the means that there are 2 hydrogen atoms, and the O stands for Oxogen.  With all those combined it becomes water.   Here is a picture of the periodic table of Elements. Remember, Hydrogen has the abbreviation of H, see if you can find Hydrogen.



8 thoughts on “What is Hydrogen?

  1. Nice explanation. Another point you might add to your explanation – Astrophysicists tell us that hydrogen was the first element to form from the Big Bang because it is the simplest. Then other elements followed over the next several billion years. But God’s word tells us that in the beginning when God made the space and earth the earth was formed out of water and by water. So hydrogen and oxygen were there in the beginning. Evolutionists tell us that water did not evolve on earth until well after earth was formed 4.6 billion years ago. But that isn’t what the Scriptures tell us. Water was there at the beginning of the earth. Elements are truly amazing and they are stuff of all the rocks and minerals.

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  2. Good point. God does not choose the simplest way. He does things complex as well. Good argument for Geocentricity. I think I will drink some Hydrogen/Oxygen…of course at a 2 to 1 ratio. Good work Risa!


  3. Very interesting Risa. Thank you for sharing. That Mr. Nurre gentleman sure has some good comments!

    How is atomic weight measured?


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