Geology part 1

In August we are going to Montana with Mr. Pat (The Rock Guy).  Mr. Pat has suggested a book to me to study before we go; it’s name is The Geology Book by Dr. John D. Morris.  This is some of my notes of what I learned.

Chapter 1: Our solar system is made up of 9 planets and one star, the sun.  Earth is the only planet with any life at all on it.  The earth is the 3rd closest planet to the sun, but the sun’s radiation rays don’t hit us as much as other planets because of our atmosphere which works as a shield, so we get heat but very little radiation.  FullSizeRender The earth is separated into 3 main zones: the crust, the mantle, and the core.  The core is separated into 2 sections: the outer core, and inner core. FullSizeRender No one has ever drilled through the crust, but they know, by studying the way energy waves travel through the earth, a little of what’s inside. The crust is made up of a variety of minerals and rocks.  The mantle is most solid rock.  The outer core is so hot it’s liquid, and is made of iron and nickel.  The inner core is hot too, but there is so much pressure it is solid iron and nickel.  Scientists have hypothesized a fourth zone directly above the mantle, they call it the asthenosphere.  That is made up of hot rock.  The core causes the magnetic fields because of the iron and nickel. God designed our world perfectly.  He is the best creator ever!