Are there more varieties of Quartz than just Smoky, Milky, and Crystal?

There are a lot more than 3 variates of Quartz.  There’s: chalcedony, agate, aventurine, tigers eye, citrine, prasiolite, rose quartz, rutilated quartz, carnelian, dumorterite quartz, and then the three others that I will show you: Onyx, jasper, and amethyst.

Amethyst is a pretty mineral, and one of my favorite too.

amethyst geode crystals (wikipedia)

These are Amethyst crystals (photo credit: wikipedia)

emerald cut amethyst (widipedia)

Emerald cut amethyst (photo credit: wikipedia)

Jasper is a green mineral and quite pretty.  Heres a picture of a jasper ring.

jasper ring (wikipedia)

(photo credit: wikipedia)

Onyx is really pretty.  It has stripes of variates of colors, and is found in very manny different Bible passages.

onyx (wikipedia)

(photo credit: wikipedia)

Here’s a picture of quartz crystal…

Quartz crystal (wikipedia)

(photo credit: wikipedia)

and smoky quartz…

smokey quartz crystal (wikipedia)

(photo credit: wikipedia)

Smoky quartz wikipedia

(photo credit: wikipedia)

and Onyx carved into a cameo.

onyx cameo (wikipedia)

(photo credit: wikipedia)

When I was first studying Quartz I was amazed at the variety of Quartz that there were.  But it’s very fun to look at all the different varieties.  It’s God wonderful for giving us so many pretty things to look at and study.


7 thoughts on “Are there more varieties of Quartz than just Smoky, Milky, and Crystal?

    • The different elements such as iron, and others, determines what color the quartz is. The amount of that element determines how strong the color is. For example, amethyst is purple because of the iron in it. If it were a lighter color it would have less iron in it, and if it were darker it would have more.


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